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The Glycemic Index and Your Horse

  • Understand what the glycemic index is, and how it affects your horse
  • Ranks 10 common horse feeds on the glycemic index scale
  • Relates the use of the glycemic index for feeding horses with some common health problems

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The horse through all its trials has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood.Johannes Jensen

Today's glossary term

Scotch hobble

A type of hobble where a hind foot is held forward by a rope looped around the base of the horse's neck.

Tip of the day

A messy main that falls on both sides of the crest can be trained to lie on one side with a little work. Simply pull the main to the desired side and make a series of 1 inch braids. Apply setting gel daily for three days. Remove braids, wash and brush. With a little luck, the main will be trained to stay on the desired side.