Drugs and Medications Help

What is a drugs and medications compendium?

A compendium is a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject. We offer two compendiums, both online and in print form - EquiMed's Compendium of Equine Diseases and Conditions, and EquiMed's Compendium of Drugs and Medications.

How can I get more information about a particular drug or medication?

At the end of most articles is a Dig Deeper section. This section provides links to related articles, names of technical papers, and also references books. This is a good place to start for more in depth information than is available in the reference article.

Does EquiMed give medical advice?

EquiMed does not give medical advice. We provide general information about equine healthcare topics. Always contact an equine healthcare professional (veterinariain, farrier, nutritionist, behaviorist) to get advice about your particular situation.