Equine Anatomy Project

Equine anatomy project iconThe EquiMed Anatomy Project brings you the beautiful artwork of Jo Anna Rissanen to help you learn about equine anatomy. These unique drawings can be easily added to your website and are available to you under the creative commons license (see below).

Jo RissanenHow to use: Move your cursor over the drawings. You will notice a sparkle of red dots close to the cursor. Pause the cursor over one of the dots to see the name of that particular anatomical feature.

How to add to your website: Click on the "Get HTML code" button under the picture (where available). A snippet of HTML code will be displayed in a dialog box. Copy the code and paste it into your website HTML to add the dialog project picture and sparkles.

The body

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Front legs

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Back legs

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The hoof - bottom view

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The hoof - side view

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