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EquiMed recommended books

The more you know about horse health, the better you can cost effectively manage your horse's healthcare. Building a horse health library is a great way to get a better understanding of the best practices in equine healthcare.

These are books that we have in our EquiMed library. They are considered the best publications in the industry concerning the various topics we cover. Many of these books are expensive, some are more technical than others, but for the horse owner that really wants to understand a particular topic, you will not be disappointed.

Book of the month

Horse Tradin'

Ben Green paints a beautiful picture of the old-days of horse trading. This wonderful compilation of short stories has stood the test of time, and acquaints the readers with tales that bring to life the horse's use in the old west.

I read this book first when I was 13 years old, and dreaming of having my own horse. Funny, and at times outrageous stories, including "Gypsy Hoss Trade" and "Homer's Last Mule" will warm your heart and help you appreciate your own horses.

Ben also has other books that cover more characters and horses, so if you like this one, be sure to check out "Wild Horse Tales" and others!


Equine Behavior: A Guide for Veterinarians and Equine Scientists

This is a serious book for a serious student of equine behavior. Because it is used mainly as a textbook for veterinary students, the price tag is more than most will want to pay.  However, if you really want to get a detailed understanding of the core findings of academic research on equine behavior, this book is a prize.

For the professional horse trainer/behaviorist - you need this book. Any foundation of horse training can be improved through learning theory that explains how horses learn. A full chapter is devoted to this all-important topic.

Dental care

First aid

Fitness and conditioning

Equine Fitness: A Program of Exercises & Routines for Your Horse

This is a practical, very easy to read, and surprisingly comprehensive book for the horse owner. The book offers basic horse physiology with beautiful illustrations and common-sense advice. Information about conditioning younger and older horses is highlighted, but the focus of the book is on 50 different exercises that you can do as part of a fitness and conditioning program.

Understanding the reality of remembering the details of each exercise, handy tear-out cards are included so that you can take the information with you when you mount up.

For the hands-on rider wanting to have a fit and well-conditioned horse, this book offers everything you need.

General care

Health barn

Horse Housing: How to Plan, Build, and Remodel Barns and Sheds

If you are building or renovating your horse barn, this book by Richard Klimesh and Cherry Hill will provide you with not only great barn design ideas, but also a nuts-and-bolts understanding of the entire construction process.

The authors bring practical experience coming from a close connections to horses and horse housing. Richard brings a background in architectural design along with practical experience as a certified journeyman farrier. Cherry is a popular author and experienced trainer with more than 30 years of experience. Working together, they have created this book based on their experience of what make a great horse barn.

This beautiful book with ample color photographs belongs in the library of any horse owner who is thinking about, or dreaming about, constructing a practical, useful and beautiful barn.

Hoof care


Lameness: Recognizing and Treating the Horse's Most Common Ailment

All horse owners deal with lameness issues from time to time. A horse's legs are rather delicate and fragile, and active horses are almost guaranteed to suffer lamenesses over their lifetime. This book is comprehensive, explaining causes, diagnosis and treatment of the full range of conditions related to lameness.

The first few chapters provide excellent foundation knowledge about lameness, and provide an important overview. You will learn about the process your veterinarian takes to find the source of lameness. You will learn about common and not-so-common causes, ranging from the temporarily crippling but easy to fix abscess, to the difficult to diagnose and cure numerological causes lameness.

This book more technical than most, and may be too much for the backyard horse owner, but for the serious student of equine health and lameness, this belongs in your library.


Feed Your Horse Like a Horse: Optimize Your Horse's Nutrition for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health

A to Z, top to bottom, if you really want to understand equine nutrition this is the book for you. Dr. Getty is a leading advocate of natural, free-choice feeding, and this book explains the whats, hows and whys of proper equine nutrition. Dr. Getty is a popular speaker at equine health events, and she brings her simple conversational tone to this book, making it easy to read and understand.

This book is a bit pricey, and is suitable for a college level equine nutrition course. The great advice this book offers will save you money in the long run by helping you prevent nutrition related conditions and illnesses. Highly recommended.

Reproductive care