Health Centers Help

What is an EquiMed health center?

We produce monthly "magazine-style" articles that cover a wide range of topics. In order to organize these articles, we have created 10 basic categories.

Visitors that care to learn more about a specific topic in equine healthcare can browse the particular health center to get a variety of current articles, how-tos, audio and videos.

What horse health tools are available on EquiMed?

We offer a variety of useful tools and calculators that you can use to learn more about equine healthcare, and to use with your own horses. We add new tools and calculators periodically, so visit our health centers to see the current offerings.

We currently offer:

I would like to comment about an article. How can I do this?

Due to ever increasing SPAM, we no longer accept article comments. We invite you to join our social media pages, where active discussions about articles and other horse health topics now occur.

How can I contact an EquiMed author?

Our authors generally provide biographic and contact information on their profile page. Find an article by a particular author, and click on their name in the byline. This will take you to the authors profile page. Most authors also offer a contact form on their profile page. Click the "Contact" tab at the top of the profile.