Dr. Getty Notes: Horse Cecum Exit Defies Gravity

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Little known fact: The cecum in a horse has both its entrance and its exit at the top.

And you should pay attention to this because… For digested material to exit, it has to actually defy gravity! To process food, the cecum contracts to push the contents out the top. To do this critical digestive function, forage needs to be flowing through the digestive system at all times.

Picture a full toothpaste tube that is open. If you squeeze the bottom of the tube, toothpaste will come out the top because it is full. Picture a half empty toothpaste tube, with the paste at the bottom. Squeeze the tube and no toothpaste comes out the top because there isn't enough inside.

Veterinarian checking horse gut sounds

Veterinarian checking horse gut sounds

Without enough food matter to “fill the tube” (cecum), sand, dirt, and undigested material can remain at the bottom in the horse's cecum, leading to colic.
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Without enough food matter to “fill the tube” (cecum), sand, dirt, and undigested material can remain at the bottom, leading to colic. Avoiding this is simple: Feed your horse a continuous supply of forage -- all day, and all night. This will keep the cecum full enough to push the contents up to the exit and send them along the digestive/elimination chain.

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