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Stress marks: [all capitals] indicates the primary stressed syllable, as in news·pa·per [nooz-PEY-per] and in·for·ma·tion [in-fer-MEY-shuhn]


  • [b] boy, baby, rob
  • [d] do, ladder, bed
  • [f] food, offer, safe
  • [g] get, bigger, dog
  • [h] happy, ahead
  • [j] jump, budget, age
  • [k] can, speaker, stick
  • [l] let, follow, still
  • [m] make, summer, time
  • [n] no, dinner, thin
  • [ng] singer, think, long
  • [p] put, apple, cup
  • [r] run, marry, far, store
  • [s] sit, city, passing, face
  • [sh] she, station, push
  • [t] top, better, cat
  • [ch] church, watching, nature, witch
  • [th] thirsty, nothing, math
  • [th] this, mother, breathe
  • [v] very, seven, love
  • [w] wear, away
  • [hw] where, somewhat
  • [y] yes, onion
  • [z] zoo, easy, buzz
  • [zh] measure, television, beige


  • [a] apple, can, hat
  • [ey] aid, hate, day
  • [ah] arm, father, aha
  • [air] air, careful, wear
  • [aw] all, or, talk, lost, saw
  • [e] ever, head, get
  • [ee] eat, see, need
  • [eer] ear, hero, beer
  • [er] teacher, afterward, murderer
  • [i] it, big, finishes
  • [eye] I, ice, hide, deny
  • [o] odd, hot, waffle
  • [oh] owe, road, below
  • [oo] ooze, food, soup, sue
  • [oo] good, book, put
  • [oi] oil, choice, toy
  • [ou] out, loud, how
  • [uh] up, mother, mud
  • [uh] about, animal, problem, circus
  • [ur] early, bird, stirring


  • [a] Fr. ami
  • [kh] Scot. loch, Ger. ach or ich
  • [œ] Fr. feu, Ger. schön
  • [r] Fr. au revoir, Yiddish rebbe
  • [uh] Fr. oeuvre
  • [y] Fr. tu, Ger. über


  • [an] Fr. bien
  • [ahn] Fr. croissant
  • [awn] Fr. bon
  • [œn] Fr. parfum
  • [in] Port. Prīncipe

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