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EquiMed, LLC is a California based limited liability company based in Morgan Hill, California.

Our mission

Our mission - Vibrant horse health

Our mission - Vibrant horse health

We invite you to explore the world of equine health by visiting EquiMed.com.New window.

We are dedicated to helping you improve the health of your horse, donkey or other equine. EquiMed content is professionally written, edited and reviewed by experts in the fields of equine health. We routinely update our content to assure that you have the latest information that you can trust.

We do not simply "repackage" print magazine articles for use on the web. Our articles are written specifically to take advantage of the web medium - giving you interactive, timely, and graphical content written specifically for you.

We also give you a complete medical reference for diseases and conditions that affect equines. Additionally, the drugs and medications area provides you up-to-date information about most common medicines used in the treatment of equine conditions.

We invite you...

We invite you to read  articles authored by leading practitioners of veterinary medicine, farriers, nutritionists and others. EquiMed is a great place to get the latest equine health news updates along with the most pertinent and timely information related to a vast array of equine health issues.

We hope you enjoy and learn from the EquiMed website. We want your feedback. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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