Sponsor Policy

EquiMed solicits sponsors to provide information to our site-users about specific commercial solutions that relate to equine health.  You can find information from our sponsors by clicking on links in the Sponsor's Solutions box at the bottom of each page. On occasion, Sponsor Solutions are promoted in boxes on the left- and right-[no-glossary]hand[/no-glossary] margins of the page.

Sponsored Content does not reflect the Editorial Policy of EquiMed

We feel it is important for you to understand that Sponsored Content does not reflect the editorial policy of EquiMed, and is therefore not subject to the review process through which all EquiMed Content passes. Sponsored Content is the sole responsibility of the sponsor.

In order to make the distinction between EquiMed and Sponsored Content clear, we mark Sponsored Content with the name of the sponsor in the header of the box, as shown to the right.

Note that clicking on Sponsored Content may take you off of the EquiMed site and onto the site of the sponsor.  EquiMed is not responsible in any way for the accuracy of content on our sponsor's sites.