$50,000 Match Challenge for Brooke USA's “Women 4 Donkeys” Initiative Announced

Newsdate: Thu March 8, 2018, 8:00 am
Location: LEXINGTON, Kentucky

Brooke USA, which is headquartered at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, recently announced an exciting new initiative: "Women 4 Donkeys," which will enhance the welfare of 123,000 donkeys in Kenya. In turn, this will benefit 82,000 women who are reliant on their donkeys.

Donkeys at work

Donkeys at work

Women 4 Donkeys, will enhance the welfare of 123,000 donkeys in Kenya and will benefit 82,000 women who are reliant on their donkeys.
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Margaret H. Duprey of Cherry Knoll Farm kicked off the “Women 4 Donkeys” campaign by issuing a dollar-for-dollar fundraising match challenge up to $50,000, which will fund the program in at least two Kenyan communities.

"As a longtime ambassador for Brooke USA, I am thrilled with their new movement to help support women in underdeveloped countries," Duprey explained.

"Through the programs Brooke USA funds, they help equine owners, service providers and governments in the developing world to implement scientifically proven, practical, sustainable and culturally relevant solutions to equine welfare challenges."

The Women 4 Donkeys campaign seeks to improve the livelihood of women in Kenya and other rural countries around the world by establishing welfare programs for the working equines on whom they rely.

Eighty percent of caregivers for donkeys in the developing world are women, and the donkeys serve as a source of livelihood for 70 percent of rural women. Brooke USA is helping the women in some of these countries by funding programs to teach them to improve the care they provide the animals who support them and their families.

With Duprey's generous match, the campaign can provide education and care to two communities in Kenya with the possibility to develop a program in a third village.

For more information about Brooke USA’s “Women 4 Donkeys” initiative, go to www.BrookeUSA.org/women-4-donkeys.

For more information on Cherry Knoll Farm, go to www.cherryknollfarminc.com

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