Certified Horsemanship Association Partners with The Right Horse Initiative

Newsdate: Mon February 12, 2018, 9:40 am
Location: LEXINGTON, Kentucky

The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) is happy to announce its partnership with The Right Horse Initiative, which is a collective of industry professionals and equine welfare advocates working together to improve the lives of horses in transition through a dialogue of kindness and respect.

Right horse + right human!

Right horse + right human!

By reframing the conversation, the hope is to celebrate each right match between the right horse and the right human. New window.

The goal of the initiative is to increase horse adoption in the United States. With thousands of horses transitioning careers and ownership every year, there is an abundance of opportunities for CHA members to find their next “right horse” through adoption.

CHA has begun a pilot program in CHA Region 9 (CO, WY, KS, MO, NE) to help rehome these horses in transition. Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center in Franktown, CO, is serving as the adoption agency.

The horses arrive through Harmony Equine Center and are then sent to Colorado State University (CSU) where students in the Equine Sciences program will evaluate a horse’s level of training and determine whether it is suited to be a lesson horse in a beginner and intermediate lesson program and/or camp.

The CSU students then work with the horses for at least one semester before they are put up for adoption online. CHA members are then able to adopt these horses for their lesson programs through Harmony Equine Center.

One horse that has come through the program already was Hunter, who was partnered with CSU student Kylie McGarity. McGarity worked with Hunter for four months to improve Hunter’s conditioning, skills, comfort level and confidence.

Hunter is now helping CSU provide beginner horsemanship lessons and will be implemented into the Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies programming. She will be available for adoption after CSU’s Spring 2018 semester. To see more about Hunter, visit https://www.facebook.com/CSUtemplegrandinequinecenter/posts/2069356196653891.

CHA members and others can also get involved by: raising awareness on the web and through social media, using the #RightHorse hashtag and downloading banners and badges for your site, helping others connect with a horse for the first time, providing training services to a local rescue organization, and sharing stories of successful adoptions.

The Right Horse is funded by the WaterShed Animal Fund, a division of the Arnall Family Foundation. By reframing the conversation, the hope is to celebrate each right match between the right horse and the right human.

In addition, the goals of the initiative include growing a community of knowledgeable, rational advocates and storytellers who speak out on behalf of The Right Horse and equine adoption; to create a national network of equine professionals that create unity within the horse industry; and to foster a more compassionate, pragmatic support system, all while increasing equine adoption numbers across the country.

To learn more about The Right Horse Initiative, please visit www.righthorse.org.

CHA Instructors Change Lives Through Safe Experiences with Horses. The purpose of CHA is to promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the horse industry. CHA certifies instructors and trail guides, accredits equestrian facilities, publishes educational manuals, produces educational horsemanship DVDs and YouTube Safety shorts, and hosts regional and international conferences.

For more information on the largest certifying body of riding instructors and barn managers in North America, Certified Horsemanship Association, please visit www.CHA.horse or call 859-259-3399.  To find a certified horseback riding instructor or accredited equine facility near you, visit www.CHAinstructors.com.

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