FEI to Allow Cloned Horses to Compete

Newsdate: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 - 07:36 am
Location: LAUSANNE, Switzerland

The world governing body for FEI horse sports has announced that cloned horses and their progeny will not be barred from competition at FEI events.

A gelding

A gelding

FEI Bureau is changing its position, saying it would not forbid equine clones or their progeny from participating in FEI competitions. New window.

Equine cloning was discussed at the FEI Bureau’s recent spring meeting on June 8-9 at FEI Headquarters in Lausanne in Switzerland, after the latest research had been presented and debated at the FEI Sports Forum.

As a result, the FEI Bureau is changing its position in regard to cloned horses, saying it would not forbid clones or their progeny, from participating in FEI competitions.

Some breed organizations will not register clones or their progeny. The first foals of two cloned show jumping geldings, ET and Gem Twist, were born earlier this year.

Accordingly, the FEI will continue to monitor further research, especially with regard to equine welfare.

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