No-Kill Horse/Donkey Rescue Needs Help

Newsdate: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 - 10:00 am
Location: EDGEWOOD, New Mexico

A New Mexico horse rescue group that takes in abused and abandoned animals need help. Adoptions at the Walking in Circles Ranch in Edgewood are down and more animals are coming in on a regular basis because of the economy.

Walking in Circles Ranch now cares for 52 horses plus a donkey named Rosy.

Hay and feed costs run between $190 to $200 for each horse and donkey per month and that doesn't include vet fees.

More and more people are also turning to the ranch to surrender their animals. It serves as no-kill shelter taking in animals when owners can't afford to keep them. Right now the waiting list is a year long.

Most of the animals at Walking in Circles are ready for adoption, and the ranch manager says fees are very reasonable.

The ranch also offers boarding facilities, riding lessons and educational seminars. They are always looking for families to sponsor their animals and for friendly volunteers to help take care of them.

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