UC Davis Offers Horses For Sale

Newsdate: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 - 08:24 am
Location: DAVIS, California

The Center for Equine Health at UC Davis periodically offers horses for sale. These horses are no longer needed for our research or teaching programs and may be suitable for pleasure or performance purposes. The horses vary widely in age, breed and training. Some have been raised at the CEH and others have been acquired through donation. All horses are kept up to date on vaccinations, worming and shoeing.

Sale horses are normally posted for a minimum of 15 business days. However, occasionally horses will have an open-end date until sold.

Inquires regarding the purchase of specific horses should be directed to Laurie Christison at(530)752-6433.

Sale horses are available for viewing by appointment only.

Terms and Conditions of Sale 

  • Horses listed for sale on the CEH website are sold to the highest qualifying bid.
  • Bids are updated Monday through Friday only and are only accepted in minimum increments of $50.00.
  • When you submit your bid on the bid form, it is processed by the UC Davis server. This server sets the date/time stamp on the e-mail to ensure that all submissions are reviewed equally. Please remember that if you have a slower internet connection, it will take longer for your bid to reach the server.
  • Purchasers must demonstrate their ability to properly house and care for any horse to be purchased prior to the sale.
  • No guarantees for health, soundness or use are made to the purchaser. Horses are sold on an "As Is" basis and all sales are final.
  • Purchases may be paid for by cash, credit card or cashier's check made out to the Regents of the University of California. No personal checks will be accepted. Tax is added to all purchases.
  • A Transfer of Ownership Form will be filled out and sent to horse registry by CEH. The transfer fee is to be paid by the purchaser at time of purchase. Fee is determined by the horse registry.
  • Horse(s) must be picked up within 24 hours of purchase from the CEH. Any horse that can not be picked up within 24 hours (except those sold on a Friday) will be charged board of $23.00 a day. Please bring halter and lead when picking up horse.
  • A "Bill of Sale" will be provided upon purchase. Title to the horse passes to the owner at the time payment is received. Upon passage of title, the purchaser assumes all risk, liability and responsibility for the horse. The University of California will not be liable for any claims against said horse once payment has been received.

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