The Importance of Regular Farrier Care for Your Horse

Newsdate: Mon March 12, 2018, 10:10 am
Location: GILROY, California

Without doubt, a horse's hooves are one of the most important parts of the animal. Given a split hoof, nail prick, or stinky hoof, the first call should be to the farrier. Having a relationship with a good farrier is crucial in preventing calamities that may befall a horse when his hooves do not receive proper care.

Farrier caring for horse's hoof

Farrier caring for horse's hoof

Regular farrier care for horses is important because some hoof conditions and diseases lead to lameness, and in acute cases, may lead to the death of the horse. New window.

While an owner or handler may be involved in day-to-day care of a horse's hooves, a farrier who is familiar with the horse can instruct the owner or handler regarding general hoof care and what to do in an emergency. Since hoof growth varies with the season and general health of the horse, a competent farrier can help determine the best schedule for visits.

Don't wait until a hoof problem develops to call the farrier. Many farriers are booked well in advance, and scheduling can take time. in addition, regularly scheduled farrier visits greatly reduce the potential for the development of serious hoof problems.

In fact, regular appointments with a competent farrier to keep hooves properly trimmed, make sure that shoes are fitted and attached properly, and assess the general hoof health of the horse will prevent most common hoof problems. Also, it is well known that some hoof conditions and diseases lead to lameness, and in acute cases, may lead to the death of the horse.

Given the training and experience of a capable farrier, any problems related to the hooves of the horse will be met head-on, increasing the productivity and enjoyment of both horse and owner.

Nothing works better in maintaining good horse health than a viable partnership with a knowledgeable veterinarian and a capable farrier who get to know the horse and are available both on a regular and as-needed basis. As most horse owners learn sooner or later, early diagnosis and prevention of hoof diseases and lameness not only save money, but ensure better health and productivity.

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