Banixx Provides Support For Horses Caught In Northern California Floods

Newsdate: Mon 20 March 2017 – 6:00 am
Location: PINEHURST, Norh Carolina

Helping horses in need is something we can all relate to, but how many companies go to the extra effort of reaching out and providing support? When the staff at the Banixx® headquarters in North Carolina was informed about a ranch in San Jose, California with 28 horses stranded in deep flood waters, they knew that their products would be beneficial.

Horse caught in flood water

Horse caught in flood water

After several days in a water-logged and contaminated environment, the horses caught in the floods in California were relocated to dryer ground, but needed care for hoof and skin infections associated with long-term water submersion.
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Torrential rains, swollen creeks, and reservoirs past capacity created a vortex of problems for one ranch in California. Within a short period of time, the only road leading into the property was under swift-moving water, so trailers could not be sent in to rescue the animals. Horses were trapped in belly high water, and there was no way to evacuate.

With the help of small boats, the horses were provided food and fresh water, but the evacuation was deemed too dangerous due to strong currents, underwater debris, and submerged barbed wire fences.

After several days in this water-logged and contaminated environment, the horses were able to be relocated to higher and dryer ground. Finally they were safe, but not safe from hoof and skin infections associated with long-term water submersion.

The Banixx® staff followed the situation closely and made direct contact with horse owners and people involved with the rescue. Although the horses were overall in fair condition, considering their multi-day ordeal, they suffered from water-logged afflictions such as thrush, abscesses, and rain rot, as well as cuts and abrasions - conditions that would benefit from Banixx® which is gentle on the skin, non-toxic and creates an environment that is hostile to bacteria and fungus.

Banixx® quickly shipped out a box of supplies containing bottles of their new Banixx® Medicated Shampoo with Marine Collagen and Banixx® Horse & Pet Care Anti-Microbial Spray - all products that are highly beneficial when battling fungal and bacterial infections.

Owners and horses all suffered from this traumatic experience, and Banixx® hopes their support and products help pave a smooth road to recovery.

Banixx®, a division of Sherborne Corporation, was chosen by Horse Journal as the Top Product Of The Year. Banixx® fights infections associated with wounds, fungus, rain rot, ringworm, hot spots, dog ear infections, scratches (mud fever), abscesses, thrush, white line disease, bacterial & fungal infections, and secondary infections from bug bites and itches.

In addition to be being highly effective in treating a wide variety of infections, Banixx® is non-toxic, odorless, colorless, does not sting, will not stain or discolor fur/hair, does not kill live tissue, and contains no essential oils, making it safe to use on sensitive animals such as cats, birds, alpacas, llamas, and reptiles.

The company recently added Banixx® Medicated Shampoo with Marine Collagen to their stable of safe and effective anti-infective products. Banixx®, Made in America, is available nationally through retails stores and online catalogs, and can also be purchased in China, Central America, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas.

For more information on Banixx® products, please visit, or email Banixx® at, or call us at 877-944-0795.

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