Calling All Horse Fly Mask Manufacturers for the 2018 Fly Mask Challenge

Newsdate: Thu February 1, 2018, 1:20 pm
Location: PAW PAW, Michigan is seeking out fly mask manufacturers to participate in their Fly Mask Challenge. Masks submitted for the challenge will be tested with the results published on the website in late April.

Horse needing a fly mask

Horse needing a fly mask

Fly masks are essential in maintaining the health of a horse's eye by keeping flies from spreading bacteria, keeping dirt and debris from flying into eyes and protecting from wind and from sun.
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"The purpose of the Fly Mask Challenge is to not only test and review the masks for practical things like fit and durability, but to also make horse owners aware of all of the different options and styles now available on the market," says Laurie Cerny, editor of

The website, which covers the care and showing of senior horses, frequently reminds its readers of the importance of using fly masks year-round.

"Fly masks are an essential piece of stable equipment in maintaining the health of a horse's eye," Cerny says. "They not only keep flies from spreading bacteria to the eye, but also keep dirt and other debris from flying into the eye. They're also great protection from the wind and from the sun."

All masks submitted for the challenge will be tested for 30-days. Results for each mask will be covered in a Fly Mask Challenge article for the website. The manufacturer of the mask ranking the highest score will also receive a complimentary website ad.

Manufacturers wanting to submit their masks should send one Average/Horse size mask to: - c/o One Horse Press @ 70883 39th Street, Paw Paw, MI  49079. Masks must be received by March 1, 2018.  They should also include the sizes, colors, styles available, and the suggested retail price.

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