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Hands-on healthcare by the horse owner requires an owner with proper education and training. As equine professionals, our role is to provide important information that helps our clients understand their role in maintaining a high level of equine healthcare.

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An important and popular part of EquiMed are the event listing. This is where you can promote an event that provides learning opportunities for your current and potential clients. This tool allows a visitor to search for events that are close to their homes. We also email our registered visitors with event  notices as they are published.

If you have a local event to promote, we welcome your listing. Follow the simple instructions below to enter your event information for display on the website.

How can I add my event?

Sign in? Register?

Links to sign in, sign out and register are located in the upper right-[no-glossary]hand[/no-glossary] corner of this page.

To add a new listing you will need to register on the website. During registration, make sure to tick the Professional Services Provider box. Only professional service providers are allowed to create an event listing.

After registering, log in and click your name located under the Welcome banner in the right hand column. This takes you to your profile page.

Scroll down the page until you see the link to create a new event listing. Click this link and fill out the form with the information about the event. Don't worry, you can go back and edit the event to add or change information as required.

I added my event, but I don't see it on the site. What did I do wrong?

Absolutely nothing. We review all event listings prior to making them active. This may take a day or two. After our services administrator reviews the listing, you will receive a link to notify you that the listing is active, and available for view.

I need to update some information in my event listing. How do I do this?

You have created your event listing and it has been approved. Now, you would like to update some information, or perhaps add a picture. How do you do this?

Please sign in, and go to your profile page by clicking your name below the Welcome banner in the right column.

Scroll down until you see the name of the event on your profile page. Click the name to edit the event to go to the edit form. When done, click the Save Event button at the bottom of the listing. The updates are immediately available to our visitors. We do not make you wait a second time, but we do review event edits.

What are event listing best practices?

Your event listing is the best way to promote your event to potential clients. We suggest that you fill out the form as completely as possible. It is very important that you provide both an email contact and phone contact for more information.

To make your listing most attractive, collect the following images and store them on your computer:

  • A picture of the event location.
  • A picture of your business logo if available, or a picture that symbolizes the event.

You can upload these pictures when filling out the form for your event listing. Be sure to check out your listing for completeness and correctness of information.

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