How to Promote Your Equine Services on Equimed

EquiMed is dedicated to helping horse owners take better care of their horses. Our website emphasizes the importance of building a horse healthcare [no-glossary]team[/no-glossary], consisting of a veterinarian, farrier, trainer/behaviorist and nutritionist.

Vet with owner

We welcome your professional services listing. We are here to help you by setting up your services listing with a minimum of hassle. If you are a veterinarian, farrier, trainer/behaviorist or nutritionist, simply fax us your business card, or provide us via email the following information:

  • Practice or business name
  • Your full name and titles (e.g. Nancy Smith, DVM)
  • Your business address
  • Your phone numbers (business, mobile, fax)
  • Your email address

Send your information to our services coordinator:
Fax: (408) 779-5882

We will create your listing, create your account, and send you a link that you can use to update your listing, add pictures and more. Simple and fast!

Corrections or Deletions

If we already have you listed on our website, and you see something that is wrong or would like us to remove your listing, you can email or fax us corrections and we will be glad to update your listing.

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