Diseases and Conditions


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    When to Call the Vet

    The number one question for new horse owners is "Should I call the vet?" This article will help you decide when it is appropriate to call the vet.

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    A Horse Owner's Medicine Cabinet

    Great ideas for filling your own horse medicine cabinet with time-proven essential medications, bandages, instruments and tools. With the basics, you can treat a majority of horse injuries and other conditions that you encounter.

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    Alternative Methods of Treating Equine Diseases

    Non-traditional means of treating horse diseases have been increasing in popularity amongst horse owners. Do they work? Explore horse homeopathic, horse holistic, horse accupunture and other methods in this article.

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    Diagnosing Equine Disease

    Have a problem that appears "off"? First step is to diagnose the illness or condition. Learn the basics of equine diseases diagnosis in this helpful article.

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    Juvenile Equine Healthcare

    Young growing horses have different nutritional and other healthcare needs compared to mature horses. Foals especially may need special health care. Learn about what you can do to have a healthy younger horse.

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    Senior Equine Healthcare

    Older horses can suffer from age-releated illnesses and nutrtional problems that don't exist in younger horses. Be prepared to handle the special needs of an aging equine.

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    The Healthy Equine

    How do you define a Healthy Horse, Pony or Donkey? This article gives you ideas on how to determine the health level of your own equines.

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    Traditional Methods of Treating Equine Diseases

    This article explores traditional western veterinary methods for treating equine diseases and conditions. Treatment of horse diseases follows the basic practices used for diagnosing and treating humans.

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    Treatment of Equine Disease

    The veterinary science of treating horse diseases and conditions follows the classic methods of diagnosis and treatment. This article gives you a basic understanding that will help you assist your veterinarian and contribute as a member of your equine's h