Equine Feed Calculator

Health begins with properly balanced nutrition

Equine feed calculator iconA balanced and nutritous diet for horses living in a barn environment is critically important. Nutritional requirements are driven by the activity level of your horse, breed status and age. Use this calculator to determine the nutritional requirements of your healthy horse.

For special case horses, consult an equine nutritionist for particular feeding requirements.

Equine inputs

Select the type (activity level) of the equine.
Equine activity level notes:

Select Maintenance for a low activity pastured or retired equine. (Ridden or driven less than once per week.)

Select Stallion for an intact (not gelded) male used for breeding.

Select Growing for an equine under two years of age.

Select Pregnant for a pregnant mare.

Select Lactating for a nursing mare.

Select Working for an equine that is worked on a regular basis. (Ridden or driven one or more times per week.)