Farrier's Prices

The cost of farrier care can vary widely in different areas of the country and does not always relate to the competency of a particular farrier. Typically farrier's charges are substantially the same as other skilled craftsmen in the area such as electricians, plumbers, and finish carpenters.

The sign of a well kept horse

The sign of a well kept horse

Shod or unshod, the appearance of a horse's feet give a good indicator of the overall care of the horse. New window.

The work to be done, the difficulty, and the level of expertise needed will also affect the price charged. Dealing with a horse that requires specialized shoes, careful balancing of hooves, and complex care because of limb irregularities or disease will cost more than a straight-forward shoeing of a horse.

Usually the cost of a trim will be roughly half to one-third that of the cost of a set of shoes. Farriers work by the job rather than by the hour and are usually willing to give an estimate of what the costs of working with a particular horse will be before the work begins.

Once a horse owner locates and hires a farrier, the farrier's rates may be adjusted if the farrier is involved with shoeing and caring for the horse's hooves on a regular basis, since well-cared for hooves take less time and effort to maintain. Also, if a number of horses are involved, the farrier may be willing to adjust the charges.

The value of a competent farrier is great, indeed. Often the soundness of the horse is determined by the state of the hooves and the lower limbs.

That said, a farrier that provides proper support and the balance necessary for healthy growth and function of the horse's hooves and limbs and is always on the look out for any symptoms or problems in- the-making is invaluable to any horse owner.

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