What is a Farrier?

A farrier is a skilled specialist in equine hoof care and has a knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the horse's lower limbs. The farrier's knowledge and expertise are put to good use in the following services:

  1. Shoeing all types of horse's hooves whether normal or defective
  2. Making shoes to suit all types of animals and working conditions
  3. Devising and using corrective measures and shoeing techniques to compensate for faulty limb configuration or action
  4. Dealing with injured or diseased hooves

In addition, a farrier's work includes applying special shoes for different purposes such as racing, training or for cosmetic purposes and being pro-active in preventing the development of hoof and limb problems.

Forging a custom horse shoe

Forging a custom horse shoe

A farrier must be skilled in devising and using corrective measures and shoeing techniques to compensate for faulty limb configuration or action. New window.

A farrier's work is often time consuming, exhausting, dirty, and difficult. Working with large animals that are not always cooperative, bending over to take care of their hooves, making sure the hooves are balanced as well as corrected where necessary, and then shoeing them properly to meet the particular horse's needs is a challenge.

Most farriers care a great deal about horses and enjoy the hard work.

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