Farrier Health Services

What is a farrier?

Farriers specialize in caring for an equines hoofs and feet. A farrier has specialized training in how to evaluate your horse's feet, and what to do to keep your horse's feet in good condition. For most horses, the care includes a trim of the horse's hoofs every 6 to 8 weeks.

Horses that are used in ranch work or for competitions are normally shod. A horse requires shoes if their hoof wear exceeds the hoof growth. Failure to shoe a horse in this condition will lead to lameness.

Aside from your veterinarian, a reliable and qualified farrier is one of the most important contacts you should make for the best care of your equine.

Finding a local farrier

Your veterinarian may recommend one or more local veterinarians that they have worked with. Certainly, and for what its worth, you can ask other horse owners about the local area farriers. Some barns and boarding stables are serviced by a preferred farrier. Ask the operator what farriers commonly visit the barn.

Finding a good farrier is sometimes difficult in certain areas. You can find a farrier using tools located on this website.

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