Veterinarian Health Services

What is an equine veterinarian?

An equine veterinarian is a veterinarian that specializes in treating diseases and conditions found in horses, mules, donkeys and other equines. These veterinarians have focused on large animals, and are also known as large-animal veterinarians.

These veterinarians have the tools, skill and knowledge to handle the wide variety of issues that may arise with your horse. Because of the difficulty of transporting sick or injured horses, large-animal veterinarians commonly make house or ranch calls.

Finding the right equine veterinarian

It is a mistake to wait until you have an emergency to find an equine veterinarian. It may be difficult or impossible to find a veterinarian that can see your animal on short notice. Most large-animal veterinarians work by appointment only.

EquiMed recommends that you find and contact a suitable veterinarian as soon as, or even before, you acquire your horse. Even if you take care of the normal healthcare of your horse (wormings, vaccinations), it is still important to have a veterinarian that knows your animal.

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