AHC Tax Handbook Available

Newsdate: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 - 06:39 am
Location: LEXINGTON, Kentucky

The American Horse Council is pleased to announce that the new, up-to-date 2011 Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook is hot off the presses! No one involved with the horse industry should be without the Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook.

Topics covered in the Handbook include: •Business versus hobby-including summaries of important court decisions;

•Passive loss rules;

•Forms of doing business;

•Record keeping and accounting rules;

•Sales, Exchanges and Involuntary conversions;


•and much more!

This two-volume edition has everything you need to know pertaining to tax laws for your equine business. Volume-One explains the Internal Revenue Code as it relates to a horse business, and Volume-Two includes court cases involving horse owners and breeders that have had dealings with the IRS, both favorable and unfavorable. “The Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook is an essential element of a federal tax library for practitioners serving the horse industry,” explains Paul Husband of Husband Law in Universal City, CA. The cost for the two-volume printed edition of the Tax Handbook is $95 plus shipping and handling.

For the first time ever, the Handbook will be available as a CD. No more toting the two volumes around with you when you’re traveling. This CD will fit in your carry-on and won’t take up much room on your shelves. The cost for the CD edition of the Tax Handbook is $75 plus shipping and handling.

Looking for a specific topic? Find it easily! The CD has a search function to lead you directly to the subject you’re looking for. Not only is the CD now available, but it is being offered as a special package deal with the books for only $135 plus shipping and handling!

Written by Thomas A. “Tad” Davis of Davis & Harman in Washington DC, this is the most current and informative source on equine tax laws on the market. Mr. Davis is the guru of equine tax law. He has represented private clients for years in this area and has worked as the tax counsel for the American Horse Council for forty years!

You won’t want to be without this Handbook and CD. "The Tax handbook is a concise and go to resource for those involved with equine tax related issues," said Douglas P. Romaine of Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC in Lexington, KY. Order online or call the AHC to get your copies today!

You may find the AHC online at www.horsecouncil.org or by calling 202-296-4031.

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