Donations Keep Equine Therapy Program Going

Newsdate: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 - 02:31 pm
Location: LARKSPUR, Colorado

When the news story broke that an equine therapy program in Larkspur, Colorado, was going to have to shut down because of a lack of funds, donations began rolling in.

Now, one more 10-week session of the Kingery Equine Therapy Program will be added thanks to the generosity of many community members.

The Excelsior Youth Center which runs the program is determined to keep it going because it makes a huge difference for girls who have been the victims of some of the worst experiences society can offer

In the current program 19 girls, participate in a 10-week Kingery Equine Therapy Program.

Founded 12 years ago, the program takes the girls to Terry Draper's Perry Park Ranch once a week for a half-day outing.

The girls are paired with a horse and are taught how to guide, care for and groom the animal. Effective communication with a horse involves patience, understanding, attention, forgiveness and consistency – skills that Excelsior students often lack.

To continue more sessions throughout the summer, Excelsior requests further financial support. It costs $250 per girl, per 10-week session. Can you help? If so, please go to Donate Now and specify your donation is for Equine Therapy.

For information on how to help, visit the Excelsior website.

Also visit the Horseback Miracles website for more information on equine therapy.

Horseback Miracles equine therapy program treats behavioral, developmental and neurological disorders with novel approaches to healing the central nervous system.



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