Event Goal: to Find Next Great American Horseman

Newsdate: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 - 03:02 pm
Location: POMONA, California

The brand new three-day exposition, Horse Expo Pomona, will open its gates at the Fairplex in Pomona, California on Thursday, February 2, 2012, to a rousing new array of exhibits, vendors, breed displays, clinicians, demonstrations, shopping — you name it.

To get your blood racing and your voice shouting, “Project Cowboy” is going to blast off on Thursday; this exhilarating competition will continue until the finals Friday night. This rivalry will sort out the good cowboy from the extraordinary cowboy. And cowgirls need not apply!

To add to the competitive sizzle, some of this cowboy sortin’ will require props other than spurs and saddles.

“This isn’t just a whiz-bang-go-as-fast-as-you-can competition,” comments Miki Cohen, owner and president of Horse Expo Pomona. “These cowboys have to perform for one minute in front of a movie camera, using five specific words in a spontaneous poem, song or speech.

And then there’s the demanding obstacle course they have to ride through while answering questions about horsemanship and horse anatomy. And to top it off, the finals include a 'Ride ‘Em Like You Stole ‘Em' competition. This event is definitely the ‘Hollywood rock and roll’ presentation of all-around horsemanship and all-around cowboys — and then some!”

Competitors in Project Cowboy will strut their stuff in the finals on Friday (not Saturday) night after preliminaries on Thursday and Friday. The evening performance is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. Here’s another bonus for the winner: He will present his own clinic at Horse Expo Pomona on Saturday!

“Let me add too,” continues Cohen, “that this event’s goal is to find ‘The Next Great American Horseman’ and will be filmed as a potential TV pilot. The winner receives special guest appearances at several noted events, and will be invited to perform at major horse events. He’ll be featured on a reality television pilot which undoubtedly will further his career.

This is quite possibly the most thrilling and unique equine competition you’ll ever see!”Not to be outdone by the cowboys, the California Cowgirls will showcase precise drill [no-glossary]team executions to rousing and patriotic music on Friday night.

The Cowgirls, a favorite for all horse enthusiasts, are beautifully outfitted with their handsome horses all aglow with glitter and sequins that only add to the dazzle of their exciting choreography and maneuvers. Friday night will sparkle with other entertainment too — there are great surprises in the works! 

Here’s a brief overview of the Project Cowboy events during three-day Horse Expo Pomona, February 2-4.

Round 1: Are You Good in the Saddle?

Contestants will be required to complete elements that may include: Lead horse, unbridle and bridle, pick up four feet, mount and dismount, gaits, stopping and backing, speed control, flying/simple lead changes, lateral movement, 360º turns, riding with loose/dropped rein

Round 2: Are You Good On Screen?    

Contestants will be given a one-minute screen test in front of the television camera and judges. 

Round 3: Can You Think on Four Feet?

Contestants will ride their horses through an obstacle course while answering rapid-fire random questions on horsemanship, horse anatomy, and horse myths and theology. Bridge or obstacle crossing; carry an object; drag an object; jump; go through, over, under or around obstacles; mystery obstacle.  

Round 4: Can You Handle a Herd? 

Contestants will be divided in teams of 5. Each contestant will be required to sort a cow out of a herd of cattle and work as a team to pen it.

Round 5: Are You Good with a Filly?

Contestants will draw for a filly and will be judged on ability to communicate with filly while sharing training techniques and engaging the audience. 

Round 6: Ride ‘Em Like You Stole ‘Em

Finalists will "ride for their lives" in a grand finale of freestyle competition to determine "The Next Great American Horseman!"

For day and time of each round, visit www.HorseExpoEvents.com and check the schedule for the Cowboy Project and other outstanding events.

Horse Expo Pomona will welcome horse enthusiasts Thursday – Saturday, February 2-4, 2012 (no event on Sunday so you can watch the Super Bowl!). And remember to download your Expo Bucks on-line http://www.HorseExpoEvents.com for a $3 discount on admission tickets.

For more information about Project Cowboy, visit http://www.projectcowboy.net.

For more information about the exciting new Horse Expo Pomona, visit


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