AAEP and EQUUS Fellowships Encourage Research

Newsdate: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 - 03:17 pm
Location: LEXINGTON, Kentucky

The American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation will award two research graduates with the first-ever EQUUS Foundation Research Fellows, to be presented Nov. 20 during the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ 57th Annual Convention in San Antonio. 

Two AAEP-member researchers completing residency or graduate programs will each receive a $5,000 scholarship for their contributions to furthering equine research and discovery. Supported in partnership with The EQUUS Foundation, the Fellows will continue to emphasize the importance of advancing equine veterinary knowledge through research.

The program mirrors the annual AAEP Past Presidents’ Fellow, a program started by AAEP past presidents in 2006 that provides an annual fellowship to a graduate research student.

“The equine veterinary community continues to struggle to find those dedicated to careers in equine research, especially veterinarians seeking advanced degrees,” said Wayne McIlwraith, BVSc, Ph.D, Diplomate ACVS, AAEP Foundation Chairman.  “We can’t thank the EQUUS Foundation enough for their dedication to education and responding to the important need of supporting those dedicating their careers to equine research.”

“The health and safety of horses is core to the mission of The EQUUS Foundation,” said Jenny Belknap Kees, Chairman of the Board of The EQUUS Foundation.  “We strongly believe that equine research is critical to the continual improvement in the lives of horses.  We are thrilled to partner with the AAEP Foundation to foster equine research by sponsorship two research fellowships.”

The recipients of the EQUUS Foundation Fellows have been selected for 2011. For more information, visit the scholarship section of the AAEP Foundation’s website at http://www.aaepfoundation.org.

The EQUUS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2002, mission is to improve the quality of life of horses, promote the use of horses to enrich the lives of those in need, and educate the public about the horse’s unique ability to empower, teach, and heal.

The AAEP Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was created in 1994 as the charitable arm of the American Association of Equine Practitioners.  The AAEP Foundation’s mission is to improve the health and welfare of the horse through support of research, education, benevolence and the equine community.  Since its inception, the Foundation has allocated more than $2.2 million to support its mission

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