Contest for America's Favorite Trail Horse

Newsdate: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 - 09:00 am
Location: AUSTIN, Texas

When ACTHA designed the four obstacles intended to test the talents and training of the trail horse, great thought went into something that could be done safely but still reveal the horse in question's true abilities.

ACTHA came up with variously spaced cavelettis, a straddle stop without breaking gait, a side pass off a log to the offside and a figure 8 back up. Sounds simple right? Not really. "It does indeed look simple and it is safe" say's Carrie Scrima course designer and Co-Founder of ACTHA. "But in reality like most things that look simple it is quite challenging to do elegantly and without error and that's exactly what we were after." Several professionals like Ray Ariss of Extreme Mustang Makeover, marveled at its simplicity and the powers of revealing the trail horses strengths and weaknesses. There is momentum mounting to adopt the "ACTHA FOUR" as a benchmark when searching for that wonderful trail horse.

Contestants in America’s Favorite Trail Horse were treated with gifts from ACTHA and its many sponsors while attending their Audition. The gifts were handed out by Regional Parelli instructors.

The last chance to audition for America’s Favorite Trail Horse will be this coming weekend. ACTHA will then select 100 of the top horse and rider teams from the thousands who competed in the Regional Auditions. These finalists will then travel to Austin, Texas to compete in the National Finals (May 8th-12th ) where they will have their chance to win their share of $100,000 and earn America's vote for their horse to be crowned America’s Favorite Trail Horse. The series will air on national TV beginning September 2011 compliments of HRTV.

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