Equinosis Rolls Out Lameness Locator® Demo

Newsdate: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 - 04:20 pm
Location: ST LOUIS, Missouri

Equinosis, LLC, manufacturer of the Lameness Locator® is rolling out its National Demo Program to equine veterinarians. "The importance of this program cannot be underestimated" says James Ruder, CEO of the company. "The horse-owning public demands a high level of competency in the care and treatment of their animals.

New digital radiography, stem-cell therapy and the like, have elevated the to-market services the horse owner has come to expect; lameness evaluation is no exception. Lameness Locator® delivers measurable quantifiable results allowing the equine practitioner the opportunity to focus on identifying the cause and treatment of the lameness."

Demonstrations can be requested via www.equinosis.com and must be scheduled with a licensed veterinary practitioner. The demonstrations can be purely for evaluation of the technology or can be incorporated into an actual lameness evaluation. "The purpose of making available onsite demonstrations is to not only showcase the system’s level of sensitivity of identifying lameness”, says Dr. Laurie Tyrrell, “but to reinforce the system’s simplicity of use and ease of instrumenting, collecting and interpreting the data during real-time lameness evaluations."

The system, developed at the University of Missouri’s Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Engineering, objectively detects and quantifies body movement asymmetry in a horse using small, body-mounted wireless inertial sensors and custom written software on a hand-held tablet PC.  Instrumenting a horse takes about two minutes, and is completely non-evasive.

Founded in 2007, Equinosis® mission is to assist and equip the equine practitioner by developing and providing wireless sensor solutions for collection of biological data useful in the diagnosis of equine disease. Equinosis® technology is only available to licensed veterinarians. For more information on Lameness Locator® by Equinosis®, please visit www.equinosis.com.

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