Meclofenamic Acid

Meclofenasmic acid as a NSAID pain reliever and anti-inflammatory in horses. Learn about Meclofenamic acid as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with effects similar to those of aspirin which makes horses more comfortable by reducing musculoskeletal pain, inflammation, and fever.

Macrolide Antibiotics

Uses of powerful Macrolide antibiotics in horses. Learn about Macrolide antibiotics commonly used in the treatment of disease caused by the bacteria Rhodococcus equi, which causes severe pneumonia in foals and also causes abscesses in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as septic conditions in joints and growth plates.


Ketoprofen as a usful NSAID that keeps horses more comfortable when suffering from musculoskeletal-related pain. Learn about Ketoprofen as a NSAID that can make horses more comfortable while recuperating from infections and diseases characterized by musculoskeletal-related pain and inflammation..


Isoxsuprine as a drug to increase circulation and blood flow and a vascular smooth muscle relaxant in horses. Learn about usage of Isoxsuprine as a vasodilator prescribed by veterinarians to improve circulation and blood flow to the horse's foot in cases of laminitis and navicular disease and also in management of premature labor in mares..


Hydroxyzine hydrochloride as an effective antihistamine used to treat skin reactions in horses. Learn why Hydroxyzine hydrochloride is prescribed by veterinarians as an effective antihistamine treatment for hives, allergic skin reactions and inflammation in horses.

Flunixin Meglumine

Flunixin meglumine's effectiveness in preventing effects of bacterial endotoxins in horses and as an anti-inflammatory in eye conditions. Learn why Flunixin meglumine with its rapid onset of action is the agent of choice in the initial treatment of tendonitis and many musculosketetal injuries in horses as well as laminitis. colitis and painful eye conditions.


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