Corticosporin topical solution for treatment of ear infections in equines. Learn the uses of corticosporin as a combination antibiotic, anti-inflammatory corticosteroid in treating ear infections in horses and why a veterinarian should check your horse before it is used..

Chlorhexidine Solution

Chlorhexidine solution and scrub as an effective anti-bacterial cleansing agent and disinfectant. Learn why Chlorhexidine solution and scrub is popular with veterinarians and horse owners as an effective topical antiseptic for situations involving bacterial infections in stables and barns and for disinfecting foals navels among its many uses.

Charcoal (activated)

Highly absorbant Activated charcoal as a universal antidote and detoxifier. Learn how Activated charcoal is known as a universal antidote and detoxifier in horses, humans, and other animals and how it should be given as soon as possible after ingestion of any toxic plant, insect such as blister beetle, or other health-threatening toxic substance.


Bacitracin as a useful treatment for skin and eye infections including those resistant to pencillin. Learn how bacitracin is used for topical treatments of skin and some eye infections including strains of staphylococcus, but is also useful in the treatment of enterocolitis, a severe inflammation of the large colon and cecum in the horse.


Use of Altrenogest to suppress estrus in mares. Learn how Altrenogest produces a progestational effect in mares and gives horse owners the ability to manage the reproductive cycle with more control over breeding procedures and the timing of the arrival of foals.


Xylazine as a useful sedative for many conditions in horses. Learn about the usefulness of Xylazine in short-term sedation, treatment and management of colic, and how, in combination with butorphanol and other drugs, it is used as a chemical restraint for veterinary procedures and as a preoperative drug.


Trichlormethiazide used to decrease swellings caused by electrolyte fluids in horse's legs. Learn how Trichlormethiazide is used to reduce mild swellings, especially in the legs of horses, by causing the body to lose water and sodium chloride by decreasing the reabsorption of these electrolytes in the kidneys.


Young horse suffering from shock. Learn how Albuterol is effective in treating wheezing and shortness of breath associated with airway obstruction and as a tocolytic agent to suppress uterine contractions when premature labor appears to be imminent.


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