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Our Mission

Knowing on a personal level that accepting responsibility for the horse’s well-being is one of the unexpected joys of owning an equine whether a horse, pony or donkey, our mission is to provide our readers and viewers with comprehensive health-related information using plain language, graphics, photos, videos, and how-to’s that focus on best care practices in an accessible friendly way using web technology.

Since the costs of owning a horse quickly add up, we provide information to help horse owner act proactively in preventing diseases, accidents, and other health issues before they result in higher veterinarian and farrier bills.

What We Do

Based on our Five Pillars, we provide comprehensive, medically reviewed information on line and in book form to aid horse owners that have an interest in improving their horse’s health.

We address specific health and equine management tasks that the customer can do with a measurable result, and show how to measure the results. This quantitative information assists our customers in making a decisions and developing priorities for better horse care.

Based on professionally sourced information, we work to clarifying common misperceptions about horse health and care and encourage horse owners and caretakers to prioritize daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks to streamline and maintain not only their horse’s health and well-being, but also their own health and well-being.

Through EquiMed's horse news service, we provide the latest news concerning all aspects of horse health along with selected general horse news.

In addition, we provide updated state-by-state lists of equine service providers including equine focused veterinarians, farriers.

Our Visitors

EquiMed is principally designed to address the needs of the average horse owner. With this primary focus, it is important to understand the demographics of this reader base. The following demographic profile is based on competitor and industry market research.

  • Gender - 85% female
  • Age - 41% are between 45 and 60, 35% are between 30 and 45
  • Income - 45% have a gross annual income of $25,000 to $75,000
  • Community size - 57% live in communities of less than 20,000
  • Uses - 42% recreation (trail riding, pleasure riding) - 29% showing - 9% racing - 19% other (ranching, breeding)
  • Number of horses owned - 5
  • Average amount spent per horse each year - $2,882
  • Average amount spent per horse each year on Veterinary services, Medicines and Supplements - $365

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