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Horse Business

Meet the USEF Horse of the Year, a Champion American Mustang, Cobra

by Press Release

April 12, 2019 14:23

The objective is to display the trainability, beauty, and the versatility of American mustangs in hopes of finding a suitable adopter or purchaser …

Speakers Set for American Horse Council's 2019 Annual Meeting June 9- …

by Press Release

April 12, 2019 14:22

The American Horse Council’s Annual Meeting is where every segment of the horse industry gets together to discuss issues of importance to the industry as a …

New Agreement Signed for Virginia Range Horse Fertility Control …

by Press Release

April 10, 2019 15:15

PZP is a scientifically established immunocontraceptive vaccine for female horses (mares) that creates an immune response that prevents fertilization …

General Horse News

Troxel Helmets Supports Compton Jr Equestrians

by Press Release

April 15, 2019 15:04

Fostering new riders is important to grow equestrian sports, and programs like the Compton Jr Equestrians offer kids the chance to take a positive path through …

Tips for Successful Spring Management of Your Horse Farm

by Press Release

April 11, 2019 09:30

Spring presents management challenges and opportunities on the horse farm, and there's no better time to evaluate and put together a farm improvement plan …

Days End Farm Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

by Press Release

April 9, 2019 13:40

It started in 1989, when a compassionate woman glimpsed a gelding suffering from neglect and decided to give the animal a second chance in her backyard …

Horse Health News

Crash Course For a Healthy Horse Coming Soon

by Press Release

April 16, 2019 14:52

Essential horse management skills include identifying early signs of health problems, evaluating a horse's health status and responding appropriately …

The Science Behind Veterinarian-Administered Vaccines for Horses

by Press Release

April 15, 2019 08:08

To understand why a vaccine may fail to protect a horse, it's important to first understand how vaccines work …

Horse Owners Identify Horse Health Concerns in AAEP Survey

by Press Release

April 11, 2019 08:17

Following colic, veterinarians listed lameness, laminitis, osteoarthritis, endometritis, dental, lacerations, metabolic, infertility and PPID as top equine …

Horse People News

Legendary Dr. Hilary Clayton Recognized by Premier Equestrian

by Press Release

March 27, 2019 15:10

As a veterinarian and scientific researcher, Dr. Hillary Clayton has raised questions and provided solutions in areas that very few have ever considered …

Heidi Reesink, Ph.D., New Cornell University College of Veterinary …

by Press Release

March 5, 2019 11:52

Dr. Heidi Reesink's research program includes causes of catastrophic racehorse injury and new treatments and early detection methods for arthritis …

Top Lady Event Rider Caroline Martin Is New HayGain Ambassador

by Press Release

March 1, 2019 14:38

Whatever horse she's on or arena she's in, Caroline Martin considers Haygain Steamed Hay a critical part of her program …

Horse Political News

PAST Act Introduced in Senate as More Evidence for Ending Walking …

by Press Release

April 3, 2019 13:10

The exaggerated and artificial gait that results from soring is referred to as the “Big Lick,” and it has been rewarded in the Tennessee walking horse industry …

Onaqui Wild Horses in Peril, Horse Advocates to Rear in Protest

by Press Release

April 1, 2019 15:10

Groups will encourage the BLM to expand the PZP fertility control program to stabilize the Onaqui wild horse population as opposed to the expensive and cruel …

U.S. Reinstates Safeguards to Prevent Wild Horse and Burro Slaughter

by Press Release

March 18, 2019 12:38

The US Congress has reinstated safeguards to prevent unscrupulous kill buyers from purchasing large numbers of wild horses and funneling them to slaughter …

Horse Product News

Horizon Structures Presents Series….High Profile Horse Barns Offer The …

by Nikki Alvin-Smith

April 8, 2019 16:18

The center aisle is extremely popular with horse owners as it provides an extra space to tack up and groom horses out of the winter weather and hot sun …

ComfortStall Keeps It Simple for Horses and Owners

by Press Release

April 2, 2019 10:55

What horses stand on can be a simple solution to many health issues …


Muscle Support for Active Horses

Press Release

Muscle Support for Active Horses

by Press Release

March 25, 2019 15:16

Horses can obviously make enough L-carnitine to survive as a species, but supplies may not be optimal for muscular demands …