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Swollen palate


Lampas is a condition in which a hard swelling occurs in a young horse's palate, the area toward the back of the horse's mouth separating the roof of the mouth from the nasal passages. Once thought to be a growth or tumor, this hard swelling is now recognized as part of the normal growth process.

Related to the development of a young horse's teeth, the ridge develops during the eruption of the permanent incisors. As this ridge forms, it sometimes projects below the level of the upper teeth, and can sometimes cause difficulty in eating.

At one time, scraping the palate was recommended, but the scraping proved ineffective and is no longer practiced.

Although the ridge may be more pronounced as young horses transition to hard feed and grain, this swelling or thickening is normal and requires no treatment. If the horse has difficulty eating during this time, a soft, moist ration should be fed.

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