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Idiopathis Tenosynovitis, Leg blemish, Swelling in tendons of hind limbs


When a tendon in the horse's hind leg is injured or stressed, a swelling in the tendon sheath can develop. In the case of thoroughpin, this it appears as a soft, boggy prominence on the outside of the hock at, or below, the joint.

Thoroughpin is considered a minor problem that involves distension of the synovial bursa of the tendons in the hind limb. It is considered a blemish and doesn't affect the actions or health of the limb.


  • Swelling of the synovial bursa of the tendon


The cause of thoroughpin may be a minor injury or a breakdown of tissues that causes fluids to build up in the bursa.


Given the nature of the swelling, treatment is usually not necessary. Some veterinarians may recommend draining the fluid, but this is done mostly for cosmetic reasons. Thoroughpin is a recurring and ongoing problem, but usually does not affect the work schedule of the horse.

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