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fen-BEND-azohl - Pronunciation guide

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  • Panacur
  • Panacure Powerpac
  • Safe-Guard
  • Safe-Guard Equi-bits
  • Safe-Guard Power-Dose


Fenbendazole is a broad spectrum anthelmintic that is used to control a number of common equine parasites, including large strongyles (Strongylus edentatus, S. equinus, S. vulgaris), encysted early third stage (hypobiotic), late third stage and fourth stage cyathostome larvae, small strongyles, pinworms (Oxyuris equi), ascarids (Parascaris equorum), and arteritis caused by fourth stage larvae of Strongylus vulgaris.

While not completely understood, the antiparasitic action of Fenbendazole is believed to result from the inhibition of energy metabolism of the parasite.


Fenbendazole is used as a part of a veterinary reviewed and approved program of parasite control. This program may include a multi-dose regime over a period of days specifically to control of the migrating larvae of S. vulgaris.

Dosage and Administration

Method Dosage
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Concentration Period Duration
Oral (paste) 5 mg/kg 100 mg/g (10% paste) Consult veterinarian.1 NA
Oral (paste) 10 mg/kg 2 100 mg/g (10% paste) Consult veterinarian.1 NA


  • 1May be used as a sole dewormer, part of a rotational deworming program, or part of a strategic deworming program. Your veterinarian can advise you the pros and cons of a particular deworming plan.
  • 2For foals and weanlings (less than 18 months of age) where ascarids are a common problem, the recommended dose is 4.6 mg/lb (10 mg/kg); one syringe will deworm a 550 lb horse. For control of encysted early third stage (hypobiotic), late third stage and fourth stage cyathostome larvae, and fourth stage larvae of Strongylus vulgaris, the recommended dose is 4.6 mg/lb (10 mg/kg) for 5 consecutive days; administer one syringe for each 550 lbs of body weight per day.
  • Extra-label use of drugs in treating animals is allowable only by licensed veterinarians within the context of a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship, and does not include drug use in treating animals by the layman (except under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian).
  • Calculator is for educational purposes only. Follow your veterinarian's instructions regarding use of this, or any medication.

Side Effects

In horses, no side effects for a single dosage as high as 454 mg/lb were noted. Mutliple doses of 22.7 mg/lb were also administered on 15 consecutive days without side effects. In rare cases, antigens produced by the dying parasites may result in either a local or systemic hypersensitive reaction.


Panacur® (fenbendazole) Paste 10% has been evaluated for safety in pregnant mares during all stages of gestation with doses as high as 11.4 mg/lb (25 mg/kg) and in stallions with doses as high as 11.4 mg/lb (25 mg/kg). No adverse effects on reproductivity were detected.

The recommended dose for control of fourth stage larvae of Strongylus vulgaris, 4.6 mg/lb (10 mg/kg) daily for 5 consecutive days, has not been evaluated for safety in stallions or pregnant mares.


No interactions with other drugs or medications is noted.


Immediately consult with a veterinarian if overdosing occurs.


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