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Normosol-R is a sterile, nonpyrogenic isotonic solution of balanced electrolytes in water.

Each 100 ml of Normosol-R contains 526 mg of sodium chloride; 222 mg of sodium acetate; 502 mg of sodium gluconate; 37 mg of potassium chloride, and 30 mg of magnesium chloride hexahydrate. .

The solution contains no bacteriostat, antimicrobial agent, or added buffer, and is intended for use as a single-dose injection only.


Normosol-R is administered by intravenous infusion for parenteral replacement of acute losses of extracellular fluid. It is used in horses to treat dehydration, as fluid replacement during surgery, and in treating diseases, such as colic, when determined necessary by a veterinarian.

Dosage and Administration

NORMOSOL®-R is administered by intravenous infusion. It may also be administered subcutaneously. The amount to be infused is based on replacement of losses of extracellular fluid volume in the individual patient. Up to 3 times the volume of estimated blood loss during and after surgery can be given to correct circulatory volume when there is only a moderate loss of blood.

Side Effects

Intravenous administration of Normosol-R can cause fluid and/or solute overloading, resulting in dilution of serum electrolyte concentrations, overhydration, congested states, or pulmonary edema.

Febrile response, infection at the site of the injection, venous thrombosis, phlebitis extending from the site of the injection, and bruising may occur when administered.

If an adverse side effect occurs, discontinue the infusion and begin appropriate therapeutic countermeasures per the directions of your veterinarian.


Care should be taken when used in horses that have decreased renal sufficiency, renal failure, metabolic or respiratory problems, and cardiac or pulmonary disorders.

Normosol-R is not intended to correct acidosis or large deficits of individual electrolytes, nor to replace blood or plasma expanders when they are indicated.

Periodic clinical evaluation and laboratory determinations are necessary to monitor changes in fluid balance, electrolyte concentrations, and acid-base balance during prolonged parenteral therapy.

Do not administer unless solution is clear and container is undamaged.

Normosol-R is FDA-approved for use in horses and is a prescription drug restricted to use by or on the lawful written or oral order of a licensed veterinarian.

Check with the appropriate regulatory board regarding use in competition horses.


None reported in available literature.


Normosol-R Electrolyte ReplacementNormosol-R Electrolyte Replacement


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