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Newsdate: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 - 10:30 am
Location: PHOENIX, Arizona

Farnum Companies of Phoenix, Arizona, has established their position as a manufacturer and supplier of top-quality horse care products, drugs, and medications that help insure the health of equines throughout the United States and in many other countries.

IverCare® #1 selling dewormer brand in America

IverCare® #1 selling dewormer brand in America

Farnam is today the largest marketer of equine products in the country including dewormers, fly repellants, specialty shampoos and other products.

In the last 53 years, Farnam has grown from a small mail-order business to one of the most widely recognized names in the animal health care industry. The Horse products category has grown so successfully over the years, that Farnam is today the largest marketer of equine products in the country.

Farnam Horse Products now sells its products to distributors and mass merchants in the United States, Puerto Rico, and several foreign countries including Canada, countries in Central and South America, Europe and the Middle and Far East.

Farnam's Horse Products serves both the pleasure horse and performance horse markets. Farnam equine products are sold to distributors, mass merchants, and mail order catalogs who either sell to retailers or directly to horse owners.

Products include fly control, nutritional supplements, hoof and leg care, grooming, wound treatments, leather care and stable supplies.

Farnum's company slogan: Your Partner in Horse Care - Exceptional Equine Products is a good indication of what they do for horse owners. Not only, do they manufacture and supply a number of products, but they also are committed to educating horse owners as to ways to improve the health of their horses.

One of Farnum's mainstays is its line of anthelmintics to combat parasites that are a major threat to horse health. Farnam's Equine Pharmaceutical Products offers a range of over-the-counter deworming products designed to help keep horses "healthy and happy."

Key Products:

Horse Health Equine Ivermectin (ivermectin): Developed to meet the needs of cost-conscious horse owners who are wanting the benefits of broad spectrum control

IverCare® (ivermectin): Provides broad spectrum equine parasite control and is the #1 selling dewormer brand in America

Background information on horse parasites:

All horses get internal parasites, no matter what their breed, where they live or what they're fed. Parasite control is a necessary part of horse health care.

Left untreated, internal parasites can cause serious problems, including weight loss, lethargy, poor coat condition, digestive disturbances, diarrhea, colic and even death. In fact, before ivermectin was introduced over 20 years ago, one of the causes of death in horses was verminous colic caused by migrating large strongyle larvae. Parasite control is a necessary part of horse health care.

Parasites infect a horse after the horse unintentionally ingests them. Equine parasites have three different lifecycles:

Basic Parasite Lifecycle

Many types of equine parasites spend part of their lives as infective larvae in the grass. They're eaten as the horse grazes. Once inside the horse, these parasites migrate in the horse's body, mature to adults and lay eggs. A new generation of parasite eggs leaves the horse in manure, ending up in the grass to be eaten again.

Indirect Lifecycle

Parasites with indirect lifecycles depend on another organism to get into the horse. For example, tapeworm eggs develop in the orbatid grass mite and enter the horse when infected mites in the grass are eaten.

Bot Fly Lifecycle

Bots aren't worms, they're flies. Mature female bot flies lay eggs on the horse's legs, shoulder, chin, throat and lips. The eggs hatch and bot larvae enter the horse when licked, or by burrowing under the skin of the chin to emerge into the horse's mouth.

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