"Find Ravel" and Win Contest

Newsdate: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 - 10:59 am
Location: AIKEN, South Carolina

World Equestrian Games Bronze Medalist Steffen Peters calls his equine partner, Ravel, his “horse of a lifetime.” Ravel, a 13-year-old KWPN gelding owned by Akiko Yamazaki, has helped Peters win more medals and awards than most riders could dream of during their career.

Peters rides Ravel in a dressage saddle made by Custom Saddlery and said the talented horse thrives under the saddle. Following the duo’s victory at the CDIO Aachen, were they swept all three classes, the Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix Freestyle, Peters told a Custom Saddle fitter that “It was all the saddle!”

Thanks to their long-standing partnership with Peters and Ravel, Custom Saddlery is now letting the gorgeous gelding help his fans make it to the winner’s circle by taking part in Custom Saddlery’s “Find Ravel” contest. Photos of Ravel can be found on the Custom Saddlery website (www.mysaddle.com) and each person who correctly emails in the page names where Ravel’s photos can be found will be entered to win a pair of DSB Dressage Sport Boots, designed to provide excellent protection as well as comfort for the horse.

Cary Wallace, President and Master Saddle Fitter at Custom Saddlery, said the “Find Ravel” contest will begin May 1 and run through June 5. “Each week we will pick one winner who correctly identifies the location of Ravel on our website and they will win a pair of DSB Boots,” he said. “Each winner will also be entered into Custom Saddlery’s All American Saddle Fit Challenge, a program designed to bring awareness to the fact that all saddles need to fit properly for both the horse and rider. Three lucky people will win custom saddles through the All American Saddle Fit Challenge.”

The rules for the “Find Ravel” contest can be found posted online at Custom Saddlery’s website. “It’s a fun contest and we know Ravel has a lot of fans who will want to enter,” Wallace said. “Ravel has certainly moved the United States into the headlines in the dressage world and we couldn’t be happier that Steffen rides him in a Custom Saddle.”

While searching the website for photos of Ravel, viewers can also enjoy a “Custom Moment With Steffen Peters.” In the video, Peters is interviewed and shares everything from what he eats for breakfast to whether or not he likes dogs. He also takes a moment to talk about riding in a Custom Saddle. “When Custom Saddlery approached me seven years ago I told them I needed a saddle that was shock absorbent because I ride a lot of bouncy horses, and Custom Saddlery delivered and obviously I have had a lot of success in my saddle,” Peters said.

Wallace, who is also head of design and research at Custom Saddlery, has introduced some of the best dressage saddles on the market and has also gained the confidence and endorsement of some of the finest riders in the world. “We believe every saddle should fit both horse and rider. All of our saddles are anatomically designed for this purpose and hand-crafted from the finest leathers,” he said.

To take part in the “Find Ravel” contest, or to view the “Custom Moment With Steffen Peters,” visit Custom Saddlery’s website at www.mysaddle.com.


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