Gentling Wild Horses Course in California

Monty Roberts with two mustangs he 'gentled'.
Monty Roberts with two mustangs he 'gentled'. Monty and Pat Roberts

Newsdate: Tuesday, April 2, 2021 - 11:35 am
Location: SOLVANG, California

On April 19 to 23, 2021 Monty Roberts will again facilitate the Gentling Wild Horses Course at his International Learning Center.

Monty Roberts rides among a herd of wild horses in open country.

Monty Roberts rides among a herd of wild horses in open country

On April 19 to 23, 2021 Monty Roberts will again facilitate the Gentling Wild Horses Course at his International Learning Center.
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“The Gentling Wild Horses Course was exhilarating, educational, inspiring, rewarding AND satisfying for both for the untouched horses & participants...lives were changed!”  - Joann C from California

Now available in a 5 or 10-day course, Gentling Wild Horses provides participants the opportunity to use Monty's non-violent methods with previously unhandled horses.

Open to students of all levels of equine experience, participants will observe and have hands-on lessons according to their levels of skill and prior experience.

Participants work in Monty Roberts’ patented, unique facility (the IFA Untouched Gentling Pen) which is designed for the humane treatment of wild horses, and the safety of horse and handler.

Students have an opportunity to experience a horse’s first touch by human hand and will assist the horses going through the gentling process; haltered, led, groomed, desensitized, and have their feet picked up. It is a fantastic way for those interested in equine psychology to learn more about the nature of the horse (and people too).

Additionally, the course offers trainers, horse owners and volunteers in the equine industry (particularly those dealing with difficult horses) the opportunity to learn a new approach in dealing with young, challenging and unstarted horses.

Can’t make it in April? There are more dates being added in 2021 for both Monty’s Special Training and Gentling Wild Horses!

Included in the course is a subscription to Monty's Equus Online University. This online learning tool will support continuing education in Monty's methods. Students currently already an Equus Online University member will get their subscription extended at the end of the course.

On May 3, the ever popular Horsemanship 101 will be held, the introduction to the revolutionary methods Monty discovered as a teenager studying wild horses in the desert. For those new to horses, returning after a long break, or trying to overcome fear, this will help you become safe and comfortable around horses.

Free tips are given out weekly by Monty in his eNews letter called Ask Monty. The Ask Monty e-newsletter is a great way to stay up-to-date and in-touch with Monty!
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