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Newsdate: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 - 08:23 am
Location: SANTA BARBARA, California

ZEPHYR’S GARDEN HELPS HORSES IN NEED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY: Wanting to continue to ‘give back’ to the community that has made the company a success, Zephyr’s Garden looks to its customers for philanthropic guidance.

It started with a simple Facebook post, “We want to be a part of your next fund raiser or event.  Let us know how we can help.”  From this modest beginning, a season of philanthropy and goodwill is in full swing.

“We asked our customers how can we help?  What better way to be a part of their community and their lives then to support groups that are dear to them,” states owner Georgette Topakas.  “From my single Facebook post we have helped countless groups this summer through product donations, gift certificates, and the actual purchase of equine items such as fly masks.  Our customers created exponential growth for this young company and it’s our honor to be able to give back.”  

A sampling of groups this summer that have benefited from Zephyr’s Garden include:

  • Happy Horse Haven Equine Sanctuary and Rescue
  • Fox Valley Helping Paws Animal Welfare Association
  • Lewis Farm & Equine Rescue
  • New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding
  • Miller’s Equestrian Center and Sanctuary
  • Saving Horses, Inc.
  • Cowgirl Spirit Rescue & Drill Team
  • Riverworks Community Helping Community
  • Brush Run Hunt Pony Club
  • California Dressage Society
  • National Walking Horse Association
  • Columbia Basin Cowgirls
  • Midwest Renegades
  • Central Coast Polo Club Santa Barbara Flyers
  • Various 4H groups across the country

“Our only parameter for giving is that the funds raised by the organization directly benefit horses or dogs. I see great value in supporting not only sanctioned 501c3 rescue groups, but also 4H groups and pony clubs,” explains Ms. Topakas. “This has been a perfect compliment to our current giving campaigns.  Zephyr’s Garden works every year with several rescue groups to sponsor and help place unwanted horses. Although we cannot bring the horse’s home and foster them ourselves, we assist through monetary and product sponsorships.  We are growing company with a strong belief in helping our animal community”  

Zephyr’s Garden, LLC, launched three years ago with the goal of providing effective, herbal-based all natural products for horses, and now dogs.  Even in a downward economy, the company’s customer base has grown steadily and their product line has expanded to meet the needs of horse and dog owners that are saying “No!” to chemical laden treatments.  Their products cover most topical issues such as skin fungus, scratches, sweet itch, rain rot, seasonal itches, wounds, hot spots, and thrush.  Made using only top quality natural ingredients, the product line includes salves, fly sprays, liniments, calmatives, hoof care products, and now shampoos.  Located in Santa Barbara, CA, Zephyr’s Garden develops, tests, and produces all products in the United States.

About the Author

Flossie Sellers

As an animal lover since childhood, Flossie was delighted when Mark, the CEO and developer of EquiMed asked her to join his team of contributors.

She enrolled in My Horse University at Michigan State and completed a number of courses in everything related to horse health, nutrition, diseases and conditions, medications, hoof and dental care, barn safety, and first aid.

Staying  up-to-date on the latest developments in horse care and equine health is now a habit, and she enjoys sharing a wealth of information with horse owners everywhere..