Nebraska Horse Legislation

Newsdate: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 - 10:21 am
Location: LINCOLN, Nebraska

Senators advanced a bill in Nebraska on Wednesday to allow for a state meat inspection program and possibly a horse slaughter and processing facility,

Senators advanced the bill to a second round of debate on a 35-1 vote. They also adopted an amendment to the bill that would allow a study on the feasibility of establishing a state meat inspection program and a report on what resources would be needed to develop and maintain such a program. It also would recommend a fee schedule to fund such a program.

In doing so, one senator took the opportunity to discredit the Humane Society of the United States saying that a majority of donated money goes to political propaganda.

In calling for new legislation that would possibly lead to a state meat inspection program and possibly a horse slaughter and processing facility, Carlson went on to say HSUS is largely responsible for USDA inspectors no longer inspecting horse processing facilities and for the subsequent closing of plants in Texas and Illinois.

Jocelyn Nickerson, Nebraska director of USHS, later responded to Carlson’s comments about the organization, saying legislators are giving misleading information to Nebraska farmers and ranchers and that the USHS is not trying to destroy Nebraska agriculture, but is simply trying to protect horses.

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