New Trailer Design Benefits Horses and Owners

Newsdate: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 - 09:34 am
Location: SOUTHERN PINES, North Carolina

Veteran horse trailer designers and co-developers of EquiSpirit, Tom and Neva Scheve, have designed and created a stable, easy to use, light weight way of hauling one horse and tack in a the size of a two horse non-dressing room trailer.

“It made no sense for one horse owners to stuff their SUVs or trucks full of tack, saddles, and hay, while carrying around wasted stall space in their two horse trailer,” says EquiSpirit’s designer, Tom Scheve.

In designing the one horse trailer, say the Scheves, the primary concern was to make the horse area comfortable, light, airy, and roomy, and therefore safe. This was accomplished by making the horse’s entrance nearly four feet wide, with a low angle ramp, and large windows on the side and at the head area.

“The reason this design has caught on quickly, “says Tom Scheve, “is that the benefits are both obvious and welcome. A separate tack/grain/hay storage and separate dress area in a four foot shorter trailer means lighter weight, less tow vehicle, better gas mileage, and easier handling.”

According to Scheve, the new EquiSpirit GN design, now in production, provides even more benefits. With the tack in the rear and side, the gooseneck model is six feet shorter than the standard EquiSpirit two horse gooseneck dressing room model and four to five feet shorter than most other two horse goosenecks. This opens the doors for hauling with various mid-sized trucks.

The EquiSpirit GN model also opens numerous possibilities for camper packages and full living quarters. With the tack in the rear instead of the front, the side and front area can be devoted entirely for Living Space, allowing us to install full Living Quarters in a total length of only twenty three and one half feet.

 “I’m sure we will see more manufacturers catching on to this design,” says Scheve, “but I believe EquiSpirit’s success with this model will not just be that we are first and only to offer it, but that those who know EquiSpirit, know that we see still see this as a horse trailer first - the safety and health of the horse being the primary concern.

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