Purina Offering Discounts With Coupon Book

Newsdate: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 - 05:37 pm

Horse Coupon Book and Purina have joined forces to offer substantial discounts to thousands of horse owners across the country. Purina will feature five exclusive offers in the 2012 Horse Coupon Book, which will be released this November. In addition, the Horse Coupon book will be made available for purchase at a number of Purina dealers nationwide.

“Purina has invested more time and research in equine nutrition than any other feed manufacturer in the country and it is an honor to partner with a company whose name is synonymous with state-of-the-art equine nutrition,” says Jacqueline Robbins, president of Equine Publishing, LLC. “Through our communication with Purina, it has been refreshing to witness a company that sincerely cares about each of their customers and the equine industry as a whole.”

Purina is the only feed manufacturer and one of ten companies accepted into Horse Coupon Book’s elite Platinum Sponsorship Program. The remaining nine Platinum Sponsors will be announced in upcoming weeks.

”Purina is excited to be a sponsor of the Horse Coupon Book and provide valuable discounts to our customers,” said Brant Gilbert, marketing director, Purina Horse Business Group. “We hope that horse owners take advantage of the great value made available by Horse Coupon Book.”

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