Standardbred Horse Breeders Invited to Free Broodmare Health Seminar

Mare cleaning new foal.
Mare cleaning new foal.

On September 9, the Indiana Standardbred Breed Development Program and the Indiana Horse Racing Commission (IHRC) is hosting a FREE broodmare health seminar for all Standardbred breeders and owners at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino in Anderson, Indiana.

Standardbred horse at work

Standardbred horse at work

We want to offer our breeders some free education to improve their conception and foaling rates, thus helping grow our Standardbred program.
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The Commission invites anyone interested in learning how to improve the health and wellness of the mares in their breeding operation, whether they have one or 20, to attend. The seminar will be held at 1 p.m. Afterwards, all attendees are invited to a night of harness racing, with first post at 6:30 EDT.

“We know breeding top quality foals is everyone’s goal, and we can only do that if the mares are healthy,” says Jessica Barnes, the IHRC’s Director of Breed Development and Racing. “We want to offer our breeders some free education to improve their conception and foaling rates, thus helping grow our Standardbred program.”

Topics to be covered in the seminar include:

  • Preparing Maiden and Older/Open Mares for Breeding
  • Factors Impacting Conception
  • Broodmare Nutrition
  • Overall Broodmare Health

Anyone interested in attending the seminar should RSVP by September 5 by emailing

Updates will be posted on the program’s Facebook page: 

The Standardbred Breed Development program was established to promote the Indiana Standardbred industry.  In 2007, legislation was passed which approved slot machines at Indiana's pari-mutuel racetracks.  Hoosier Park and Indiana Downs both opened their slot operations in June of 2008. 

The Indiana Standardbred Breed Development Fund receives 50% of the revenue generated from slot machines that is allocated for Standardbred Racing.

The purpose of the Standardbred Breed Development Program is to provide incentives to the owners and breeders of Indiana Sired (IS), Indiana Bred (IB), and Indiana Sired & Bred (ISB) horses.

These incentives are provided through racing programs at Indiana's two pari-mutuel racetracks, county fairs and state fair.  Additional incentives are provided directly to owners and breeders through owner bonuses and breeders awards.

The intent of this program is to stimulate the agri-business sector of the State's economy while encouraging the breeding of quality Standardbred horses.  The Standardbred Breed Development Program has been modified for the 2009 breeding season and beyond to provide the owner/breeder with a program with three (3) levels of participation.

For more information, see the Indiana Horse Racing Commission’s website:

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