Charles Wilhelm Launches New Television Show on HRTV

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Newsdate: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 - 03:15 pm
Location: CASTRO VALLEY, California

California trainer and clinician Charles Wilhelm and HRTV(R), The Network for Horse Sports (channel 404 DishTV), have reached agreement on a new series which will begin  Tuesday, October 18 at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time, 1:30 p.m. Eastern time.

“I really like how HRTV qualifies their television programming,” Wilhelm says. “It’s sort of like having a horse pass an intense pre-purchase exam. HRTV reviewed all 13 of my new shows, checked out my credentials and made sure I really had appeared at expos nationwide, determined that the actual video quality was excellent — much like a ‘trot-out soundness exam.’ We had one typographical error on a show’s description and they rejected it until we fixed the typo!

They don’t just take your money and put your show on the air; they make sure that you’re top quality and the shows are top quality. I’m certainly glad I passed that ‘pre-purchase exam!’ I'm very pleased to begin a relationship with HRTV, which will include 13 high-quality episodes in the months ahead. HRTV's commitment to equestrian programming has been tremendous. I'm delighted that HRTV found my shows to be suitable for their audience."

HRTV's Dotty Ewing commented on the network’s relationship with Wilhelm: “We are proud to include Charles Wilhelm in our television line-up. His shows will greatly serve our audience; they’re informative, dynamic, and entertaining. Viewers will undoubtedly gain a lot of knowledge from these educational episodes that take riders to another level of horsemanship.”

HRTV is found on DishTV on channel 404, on AT&Ts U-Verse and Verizon’s FIOS services as well as on many cable systems nationwide. Viewers can also watch Charles Willhem’s shows as a part of HRTV’s subscription service, offering a library of horse sports programming and  found at

Wilhelm is famous for his quote, “It’s Never Ever the Horse’s Fault,” which is the overriding theme for his presentations. Clinics at his ranch in Northern California are targeted toward elevating horsemanship levels and skills, from novice to professional. Wilhelm has developed the “Super Horse Challenge,” including clinics that prepare the participant for the fun of this competition. He will be giving “Super Horse” demonstrations at the forthcoming Horse Expo Pomona in California, February 2-4, 2012.

“This is really a fun competition, and even if people don’t want to compete, they really like doing all the exercises in my Super Horse clinics," added Wilhelm. "We include just about every entertaining challenge, from pushing cows, small jumps, cowboy dressage, getting your horse on a pedestal, to carrying an American flag —things that a true Super Horse should be able to do with ease. It’s really exciting for the riders, and the horses enjoy the challenge. Maybe the next round of my shows for HRTV will include the Super Horse Challenge!”

To find out more about Wilhelm clinics, expo appearances, equipment, DVDs, saddles, books and more, visit The ranch’s office number is 510.886.9000. Wilhelm sponsors include Andis Clippers, Horse Tech, CowTrac, BarAle Inc., Professionals Choice, CVC Shavings, E3 Live For Horses, and Winnie’s Cookies.

About HRTV

HRTV, The Network for Horse Sports, is a 24-hour, television-based multimedia network dedicated to horseracing from the world’s greatest racetracks, as well as a wide-range of world-class equestrian competitions. 

HRTV also features original programming and award-winning documentaries covering a variety of racing and general equestrian topics. The live stream of HRTV is available on a subscription basis to high-speed Internet users worldwide at The HRTV television network is presently available via cable, telco video and satellite in more than 19 million U.S. homes.


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