Experienced Trainer Offers Tips That Allow Anyone to Work Safely with Horses

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Newsdate: Wed 05 October 2016 – 7:45 am
Location: SPICER, Minnesota

What if everything you thought you knew about horses was only partially correct?

Developing a true partnership in training your horse

Developing a true partnership in training your horse

After nearly fifty years of training and modifying the behavior of horses, R J Bilger Jr knows that safety and an excellent experience with the horse requires a relationship that first establishes respect, leadership, and trust.

What if the accepted way of working with horses was dangerous and could be made far safer?

What if the old “cowboy ways” of working with a horse actually did “break” its spirit and ruin the relationship instead of developing a partnership?

What if the old English manner of riding actually set both the horse and rider up for failure and was the real reason behind always wearing a helmet?

What if everyone who worked with horses used the technique presented in R J Bilger Jr.’s book Horse Training with Bilger to establish the basics of respect, leadership, and trust before going any further?

The result, Bilger notes, would be far fewer accidents and far less trauma for both horses and people.

In his newly published practical guide, the man with forty-eight years of experience being paid to train horses distills his knowledge into a specific technique that enables anyone and everyone to work safely with equines.

Bilger explains that both horses and humans are much safer if they understand each other and what brings them together, with the horse accepting and respecting that the human is the leader. Horse Training with Bilger consequently conveys a great deal of insight into how horses think and respond to various situations.

For example, Bilger explains that a horse that has already been under saddle and is sold to a new owner, especially if transported to another location, needs to be taken through the same process as a horse never ridden in order to establish an excellent and safe relationship that benefits both owner and horse.

The same goes for a completely green horse that has never been ridden. Horse Training with Bilger explains how to take an unbroken horse, build this essential relationship, and place the horse under saddle safely, for both horse and rider.

Bilger comments, “This book shows readers how to create the perfect relationship with every horse, regardless of breed, age, discipline, or already having been broken to saddle.” He adds, “Creating this relationship can only be accomplished with boots on the ground, but it can be done by anyone who will put forth the time and effort to understand and work with the horse!”

“Excellent. Well-thought-out review of what this horseman has learned over the last forty-eight years. Bilger's approach is from the perspective of the horse, which gives even a novice an idea of the correct way to proceed. Short and sweet and to the point. The new equine bible for my animals.” ~ Amazon Reader Review

Author: Bob Bilger’s horse training experience started in the mid to late 1960s in Arizona, riding with real horsemen who were in their fifties and sixties and who’d had a horse between their legs their entire lives. What they could do with horses was truly amazing, and Bilger was amazed at how quietly and calmly they did it! His first paid job training horses was in 1968 training horses for polo players. After nearly fifty years of training and modifying the behavior of horses, he knows that safety and an excellent experience with the horse requires a relationship that first establishes respect, leadership, and trust.

Horse Training With Bilger by RJ Bilger, Jr.; Category: Sports & Recreation, Horse Training; Soft Cover: 978-0578176697, $19.95; Amazon Kindle: 978-0997823615, $19.95; Apple iBook: 978-0997823608, $19.95; Barnes & Noble Nook: 978-0997823622, $19.95; Availability: Amazon.com, Apple iBook, Barnes & Noble Nook, horsetrainingwithbilger.com

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