Fraud and Ethics Charges-Wyoming State Rep

Newsdate: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 - 09:11 am
Location: CAMPBELL COUNTY, Wyoming

Wyoming resident and animal welfare advocate Patricia Fazio filed charges last year that alleged that Sue Wallis, a Wyoming State Representative, attempted to defraud horse slaughter supporters out of $30,000 in a bogus truck raffle and that Sue Wallis had sponsored and voted on bills in which she had a financial interest.

Although the truck allegations were dismissed the remainder of the investigation is still running at full throttle against the embattled Wyoming State Rep.

Sue Wallis was found to be innocent of the fraud allegation centered around a drawn out, year long raffle of a Dodge truck. Campbell County Wyoming Attorney Jeani Stone released her findings on Wednesday.

Still under investigation are the ethics violation charges as Wallis and Oregon horse trainer Duquette had attempted to sell bogus bonds to finance a horse slaughter plant prior to their violation of the law being pointed out by astute equine welfare advocates from around the country.

Wallis pushed a horse slaughter bill through her state’s Legislature, last year, but it has proven to be a waste of effort and Wyoming state tax payer’s dollars as horses are not recognized as food animals by the USDA and the federal government will not supply meat inspectors in horse slaughter plants; hence there can be no shipping of horse meat across state lines resulting in the fact that there are no horse slaughter plants in the U.S.

Wallis and her associate Duquette have expended a great deal of resources in attempting to convince both the American public and the federal government that the slump in the horse industry is caused by the lack of horse slaughter facilities while ignoring the economic downturn and the overpopulation of horses caused by excessive breeding from the likes of Duquette and associates.

This total disconnect with the facts on this issue and their primordial effort to effect change on the backside of the problem versus attacking it at its source has reduced the credibility of the duo down to nothing more than stable bedding.

Meanwhile Attorney Stone has thrown the ethics charges back into the court of the state legislators as she claims she cannot investigate crimes that have occurred outside of the jurisdiction of her county.

Fazio says that she is thinking of submitting a supplemental complaint over other issues that have recently arisen.

There’s a lot more to this case than meets the eye,” she said.

Wallis is also currently under investigation by Las Vegas police for a battery charge stemming from an alleged attack and injury against an equine advocate during Wallis and Duquette’s failed horse slaughter convention in Vegas last month.

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